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Life Flora Clinic
Company Information
Life Flora Clinic
from 426 votes

William Nicol Drive, Flora Cliffe

Phone 011 470 7777
Fax 011 470 7817

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More Details ...

Life Healthcare is committed to good corporate citizenship. Flora Clinic`s participation in Life Healthcare`s Community Involvement Process (CIP) and a host of similar initiatives by the group`s other hospitals and associated companies bears testimony to this commitment. At local level through various collaborative efforts, our employees seek to put something back into the communities in which they operate. Our CIP initiatives are part and parcel of Life Healthcare`s current 39 long-term projects.

Life Healthcare initiated its Community Involvement Process in 1995 with management and employees actively participating in both ongoing projects and the annual, national Bumbanani Day celebrations.

Our facilities
Flora Clinic`s renewal programme encompasses ongoing upgrades and implementations designed to keep us at the frontline of health and care delivery.

Specialised care units include:

    * 6 dedicated intensive and high care facilities for medical, surgical, cardiothoracic, neuro, paediatric neonatal patients.
    * Renal & dialysis unit
    * Bone marrow transplant unit and dedicated cancer ward
    * Oncology centre - Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

Our accident and emergency unit is manned by local NHC doctors 24x7x365 and supported around the clock by resident specialists.

Onsite radiology and pathology enable quick diagnostic turnaround times plus state of the art specialised treatment. Several rehabilitation and support clinics deliver post-hospital services that contribute to a rapid return to quality living for our patients.

Medical and surgical disciplines

    * Advanced laparoscopic surgery
    * Bone marrow transplant unit
    * Cardiology
    * Cardio-thoracic surgery
    * ENT surgery
    * General surgery
    * Gynaecology
    * Internal Medicine
    * Maxillofacial surgery
    * Neurology
    * Neurosurgery
    * Obstetrics
    * Ophthalmology
    * Orthopaedic surgery
    * Paediatrics
    * Pathology
    * Plastic and reconstructive surgery
    * Psychiatry
    * Radiology
    * Specialised Cancer ward
    * Urology including lithotripsy
    * Vascular surgery
    * West rand Oncology unit

Ancillary services:

    * Cardiac rehabilitation unit: 011 470 7721
    * ICU
    * Physiotherapy
    * Renal & dialysis unit: 011 470 7709
    * Mended Hearts programme in association with the Heart Foundation of SA

Specialist facilities

Cardiac Services
Cardiac consulting service at other Life Healthcare hospitals A cardiologist from Flora Clinic consults at Robinson Hospital in Randfontein and Anncron Clinic in Klerksdorp once a week. Initial assessments of cardiac status can be done at these hospitals. Should a patient require further investigation or treatment they are then referred to Flora Clinic.

    * Hospital care, including intensive care, following a myocardial infarction (heart attack) or cardiac failure from other causes.
    * Angiograms
    * Cardiac catheterisation procedures
      - Coronary angioplasty (PTCA)
      - Implantation of stents
    * Coronary artery bypass surgery
    * Implantation of artificial heart valves
    * Implantation of pacemakers
    * Mended Hearts support group

We look forward to welcoming you to our maternity unit. We trust that the information on this Web Site will provide answers to questions you may have regarding your confinement and hospital stay.

A R240.00 bed booking fee is charged. Upon paying the booking fee, each patient receives a free baby bag filled with most goodies you will need after delivery.

For more information contact: tel: 011 470 7790

The following services are offered:

    * Baby clinic (immunisation)
    * Hearing tests for babies
    * Neonatal ICU
    * Photographer
    * Pre-delivery tours
    * Registration of babies

Supporting doctors
We are proud of our team of doctors and if you need to contact any of our doctors, they will be happy to assist you with your queries.

The telephone details of the doctors have been listed below and the doctors have been categorised in accordance to their speciality. They are contactable Monday to Friday, between 09:00 and 17:00.

General contact numbers:
Pre-admissions:  011 470 7726/7905
Renal & dialysis unit:  011 470 7709
Cardiac Rehabilitation centre:  011 470 7721
Bone marrow transplant unit:  011 470 7955
West rand Oncology centre:  011 475 0330
Accident and Emergency unit:  011 470 7809
Life Flora Clinic Advance Life Support:  011 470 7744
Account queries:  011 470 7906/7990

Audiology & Speech therapy
Van den Berg & Soulsby  011 758 6550

Cardio-Thoracic surgeons
Dr N Nicolaou  011 675 1806

Dr C Conradie  011 475 7654
Dr D Marks  011 758 6570
Dr FFE Peters  011 758 6589
Dr RE Tager  011 758 6540 / 011 470 7844

Dr M Musk  011 470 7775

Ear Nose & Throat surgeons
Dr A Patel  011 470 6677
Dr C Quitter  011 758 6575
Dr H Hamersma  011 470 7775
Dr Vorster  011 470 7775

General surgeons
Dr A Kiss  011 475 0129
Dr AC Baars  011 475 6885
Dr G Huysamen  011 679 4949
Dr M Pawlak  011 475 0011 / 758 6566
Dr MF Hameed  011 758 6546
Dr SS Booyse  011 475 6144
Dr W Wypkema  011 679 1148

Dr D van der Watt  011 475 8725
Dr H Salli  011 679 2678
Dr HK Du Plessis  011 475 1316
Dr M Gaffoor  011 758 6545
Dr P Georgiou  011 475 5666
Dr WE van Tonder  011 758 6565

Maxillo facial surgeons
Dr P Betts  011 679 1164
Dr R Bryant  011 470 7900

Dr B Bloy  011 758 6588

Neuro surgeons
Dr D Naidoo  082 499 1379
Dr J Scheltema  011 758 6470
Dr SO Thomaides  011 758 6500

Dr D Manoussakis  011 470 7971

Dr D Brittain  011 475 8451
Dr G de Muelenaere  011 475 0330
Dr G McMichael  011 475 0330
Dr I de Muelenaere  011 475 0330
Dr L van Zyl  011 475 0330
Dr S Bairstow  011 475 0330

Orthopaedic surgeons
Dr AJF Robertson  011 670 3400
Dr J van der Westhuizen  011 475 1356
Dr N Mouton  011 758 6466
Dr WP Venter  011 475 9830

Dr A Tshigabe  011 758 6560
Dr HG Ryder  011 475 4977
Dr M McKay  011 470 7960

Dr A Pappas  011 475 8030
Dr APJ Botha  011 679 1120
Dr B Bloy  011 758 6588
Dr B Sloane  011 679 3128
Dr GF de Vos  011 675 3265
Dr MR Isaacs  011 758 6590

Plastic surgeons
Dr D Elliot  011 679 4207

Dr C Magnus  011 476 6410
Dr C van Wyk  011 679 4095
Dr G Brink  011 476 6410

Dr G Bell  011 470 7966
Dr H vd Walt  011 470 7966
Dr M Tupy  011 470 7963

Vascular Surgeons
Dr J Pillai  011 470 7993

Patient and visitor information

Accommodation at our Clinic is extensive and includes:

    * Day beds
    * Private wards
    * General wards
    * High care units
    * ICU

We also offer TVs in all of our wards.

Private wards are all en-suite.

Our admission process can be made much easier for you, if the following simple guidelines are followed.

    * Medical aid patients should check with their medical aid / scheme prior to admission to obtain pre-authorisation, if deemed necessary by the medical aid / scheme.
    * Patients have to present their medical aid card and identity document on admission. Persons under the age of 18 have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
    * To speed up admission, a pre-admission form is available from the resident doctor`s rooms and the hospital`s reception, and should be either handed through to the hospital`s reception or faxed through to the clinic prior to admission.
    * Also refer to the “Tariffs” and “Discharge” sections below, for more information on prepayment and payment procedures.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany all patients under 18 years.

Mothers or fathers whose children are admitted as patients are welcome to stay at their bedside at all times.

Day patients undergoing surgery under anaesthetic should arrange for transport from hospital - it is illegal to drive for 24 hours following anaesthetic.

All private patients (i.e. patients not covered by medical aid) will be expected to settle their accounts in full on discharge.

Public Relations Manager
Our public relations manager serves as a link between the hospital, patients, doctors and staff. Should you need any assistance please contact the manager at the reception desk of our hospital or on 011 470 7925. If you are from out of town, the PR manager and reception desk has a list of accommodation near the hospital for family members.

Service monitoring
In keeping with our goal to continue providing high quality care, we monitor our service to patients on an ongoing basis. On discharge patients are asked to complete a questionnaire regarding their stay in hospital. Participation is voluntary, but it does assist management in addressing any problems and improving our service. We especially welcome any suggestions you may have.

Flora Clinic charges medical aid tariffs, i.e. contracted in fees. Patients requesting a private room will be required to pay a surcharge. A deposit will be required from private patients on admission - private patients can contact our accounts department for more information.

Visiting hours
We welcome all of our patients` visitors, as we know what a difference the support of close family and friends can make.

In light of this, we also have to be aware of the rest that all of our patients require and we have thus provided for visitors to visit our hospitals only at certain designated times and these are:

    * 11:00 - 12:00 (designated wards only)
    * 15:00 - 16:00
    * 19:00 - 20:00

Further to this, other rules apply with respect to visitors and these are:

    * Visitors are restricted to three per patient at a time. Children are welcome but they must have an adult supervising them. Adult supervision is not required in the children`s ward.
    * In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), we only allow two family members per patient.
    * In the High Care wards, two visitors per patient are allowed

Get Directions ...

Comments Posted By People ...

I was totally disgusted with the parking situation at your clinic on Thursday 19 Jan when I had to go for my mammo. My appointment was for 11am, I arrived there at 10h45 and drove in and out of the parking area till 12pm looking for a parking space, to no avail. I asked the security guard if I could park somewhere so that I could run up to xrays and explain why I was late. He was awfully rude and obnoxious. I finally parked in a Dr's parking place and ran up to xrays to cancel my appointment. I would rather put my health at risk than go back to your disorganised institution. Please for the sake of so many other patients who has NO choice, do something about the parking area and find staff who are more customer orientated. Who would I hold responsible for my missed appointment and for my petrol riding in and out of the building trying to find parking??
From : Cathy Jansen
I was disgusted by the way my wife (who had visited Dr. Van Der Watt on 6 occasions before in the past 4 months) was treated by the lady receptionist when trying to make an appointment today (Friday 13 January at 12h50) on nr. 011 475 87 25 The lady was very rude, claiming she had no time and couldn't find any record of my wife ever having visited the clinic, although my wife had patiently spelled her name several times. This kind of service is just unacceptable, I hope you find another lady who cares about good customer service.
From : Jan
Just receive a statement from Flora saying that I owe +R700 which I didn''t know about from the July 2011 visit. What I was not happy about is this letter had all my contact details showing for the whole world to see including all my contact numbers. Please make sure when sending us letters, information should be kept private.
From : Thandeka
my Brother was admitted on Monday morning and he was discharged the next day, my probles is he got a car accident and they didnt do a wholebody X-RAY whish i fall to understand why? and now he's been in pains from that day until i had to take him to orthopedic, dont they have to check all his body for X-ray and something for swelling? becaus ethey only gave him painkillers. WHY?
From : Bonisiwe
Last year three family members where involved in three accidents. The Trauma unit is very unorganised. Each time we came there in an abulance and had to wait quite a while for someone to see us. Then the x-ray department was fast and efficient but when we returned the x-ray was taken from us and we waited forever. The first time they sent a 12 year old girl home with an arm with two breaks, because they didn't want to disturb the orthopeadic surgeon. The second time they lost a childs x-ray, but made us wait for 5 hours. We left to find some pain killers at an emergency chemist and complained the next day until they found the x-rays lying around somewhere. No apology. The third time, the wait to get to see someone was even longer, evren though Trauma wasn't busy, but as it was in the morning, the orthopeadic surgeon was right there, and things moved fast from there. So my advice, if you should ever end up at Flora Trauma, don't let them string you along. Start nagging that things are too slow and make sure they haven't lost your paperwork or x-rays.
From : Elly
I would like to suggest the following, my son was admitted on the 8th of September 2010, the service was excellent. I just have one problem. The Mommy's must sleep on a mattress on the floor next to the child, the mattress is so small you can't even turn around and only half of your body fits on that. At Krugersdorp private hospital, they provide "lazy boys" this is as good as a bed. The Mommy's are then also well rested and could assist more.
From : Lienka
I was hospitalised for 3 days (26 July-28 July 2010) in Section A. I have only possitive comments to make about my stay at Flora. I saw a huge improvement since my previous stay there in 2007. Good Work! Keep it up!
From : Bob Matthysen
Well done Dr Gaffoor, you were such a nice and caring doctor. you did an excellents job when you operated. but Flora Accounts/administration gave a bad service, they took two months to give me my refunds. nurses or care takers are wonderful people. I wouldn't hesitate to refer a friend to your clinic though
From : THATO
My husband was in ward c last week and I am quite concerned that the night staff in that section was sleeping. He passed them about 4 times and they were sound asleep. If you should ring your bell for assistancte they so sleepy that you might get the wrong medicine. Someone should be awake , they can take turns to sleep, this is really a big concern.
From : Betsy
Adding a map of the location of the clinic in the context of major roads and land marks would be usefull.
From : John Kelly
I did not like the fact that the nurse that admitted me had flu, and was not too concerned about infecting patients. I left the clinic with flu. Thanks...Shouldn't management perhaps swop the staff duties? Just wondering, with swine flu and all that going around at the moment.
From : Corinna
I was totally disgusted with the attitude of the cleaner who polished the floor of Section C, room 203 yesterday and that during visting hours! Is this normal practice? I really tried to communicate with her but she simply ignored me and did not even make eye contact. Why is it called visiting hour when one can not do this without being shunt around by cleaners?
From : Marlene



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