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Metro Hyper Hillfox
Company Information
Metro Hyper Hillfox
from 246 votes

Hillfox Value Centre Cnr Rhinoceros & Hendrik Potgieter Roads, Weltevredenpark

Phone 011-679-5901/5

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Monday`s to Friday`s 08h30 to 17h30
Saturday 08h00 to 16h00
Sunday 09h00 to 13h00

Metro is in the process of converting its TRADE CENTRE stores into METRO HYPERS. A METRO HYPER will differ from the old format TRADE CENTRE in that it will have additional service departments such as bakery, butchery, and an extended perishable range

The centre will be converted to a shopping centre with national tenants taking up half of the space and METRO HYPER the other half.

Boksburg, Silverlakes and Windhoek have already been converted and the tenants include Fruit and Veg, MICA, Crazy plastics and METRO LIQUOR.
The new hypers cater for traders, hawkers, spazas and the consumer.

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Comments Posted By People ...

Totally disgusted, in severe pain thanks to locking me into a section of the building so the staff can attend prayers in Friday. I have the utmost respect for those who go to prayer regularly and this is not the issue. The problem is that I as a person with walking difficulties was allowed to enter the Chinese section of the shop only to find I was locked in less than 10 minutes later. On asking to be allowed to leave I was told I must walk completely round the building to get back to my car which was in the disabled parking in front of the shop. I am beyond angry as I have now checked on every door and trading hours sign and find nowhere that it warns customers that the business is shut down for prayers on a Friday. In hind sight I wonder what the situation will be in the case of a fire or any other type of emergency when escape routes are chained closed?? This is the last time I will be in touch with you on this or any other matter as I will be shopping elsewhere from today onwards.
From : Keith Russell
Good Day Sir I would like to take this opportunity to say that your customer safety is appalling regarding the Incident(Robbery) that took place on Saturday 28/04/2012 when we had to breakdown the back exit door cause the guard on duty never had the key for customers to escape. I was with my 5 yr old son and wife and we are still reliving the incident over in our minds. What if a fire broke out in the building and we were all trapped inside?.Where is the customer safety?
From : Malik Law
Metro debits my acc with R14000-00 insted of R1400-00 Now all my transactions are being declined The manager there John has an attetude that they made a mistake and its sorted out not his problem They just took over from trade centre Great Service
From : dale rynhoud
I am just back from bying groceries at your store and I am very unhappy about the stock and the banking facilities. Some of you stuff are half and used and it is still on you shelves.Some of you stuff are not sealed. The banking is offline so if you pay with a card then after you rang up every thing the bank is off line.I think for a bisness as big as yours and it is the end of the month it is a disgrace and i will not recomment your store to any body.
From : Renier Fourie
This mail is directed to the new management of the butchery. A couple weeks ago my fiance' went to your butchery to purchase our monthly meat because we have found that the meat quality is great, especially the lamb but am absolutely appauled by the service. The butcher that served us who I think is the only one that cuts meat asked for the order. After taking the order he then made his way to the back to presumably cut the order. He then comes back with 2 small packs of meat. After my fiance' asks where the rest of the meat was your butcher then gives buck. My fiance then gave the meat back complaining of the shoddy service and guess what, no really, guess what. The butchers response is 'God Bless You'. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!?!?!?! I certainly do not believe that this is how you would like your store to be represented or depicted. What will be done about this?!?!?!?!
From : Janice
It would be nice if you could have business hours avalable on the website...
From : Natascha de Beer
On Saturday I wanted to buy a box of canned fish. The price on the shelf and the price on the computer differed. The woman at the till went to the shelf hersef to check the price. The supervisor said that the price is wrong and it is for a different kind of fish. Because I wanted the fish, I offered to take the box back and fetch the correct box. Jacobus at loss controll ran after me, took the box out of my hands, went with me to the shelf, confirmed that the price is for the box that I originaly took, took it back to the till for me and told the women the correct price. I realy appreciate his help and feel that he is a staff member who is loyal to his company and takes pride in his job. Salome
From : Salome Marais



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