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Cnr General Pienaar & Ham Streets, Witpoortjie

Phone 011-955-1130

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We had very good response today with the free day clinic for addictive behaviour. Please let those who need this and canít afford a rehab or clinic remember that the 2 March 2012 we have another open day. No appointment necessary. Just arrive. 09.00 - 15.00. Thanks to Roodepoort Record for placing the article, it helps if the people it the community works with us. We serve the greater Roodepoort area.
From : Andre Brink
I am not impressed with the Roodepoort so called community interest, the newspaper I feel is selective of what they publish and who they publish about. I'm almost certain as in the past I will receive no response from our so called 'community newspaper'.
From : Sean Aspeling
Natasha Reevell and Carlos Goncalves are overstaying tenants in 96 Cuckoo's Nest Featherbrooke Estate for more than 7 months to date. They refuse to leave and they do not have the money to pay rent. If they do try to rent another property in Featherbrooke or anywhere else, BE AWARE!
From : Rita Bosch
I have stayed in Maraisburg for 32 years in the same house and can honestly say that i read the Roospoort Record every Thursday and i find that they really do carry the public interest at heart. As they are prepared to go to great lenghts to assist the public by publishing their stories. Thanks
From : veronica
Re:- 16 year old dog beaten with a BRICK I would be pleased if you would publish my response to your article about the 16 year old dog which was severely beaten in Florida Glen, in your next issue. I have just read the article in your edition for week ending Friday 28 October 2011 about the person in Florida Glen who held his German Shepherd/Rottweiller-cross down and severely beat the poor animal with a BRICK(?????). I felt totally sick to my stomach after reading this article and burst into tears. How can a human being (if you can call this person that?) do such a thing to a poor defenceless animal? The article says that the neighbour who witnessed the beating and called the SPCA (good for him!) was so traumatised after witnessing the beating, I was and still am too traumatised just reading about the poor dog. Such people should not be allowed to have or keep any living or breathing human or animal at all. I have two German Shepherd dogs myself and I do admit that they are naughty sometimes and bark continuously (they are dogs after all) but no living creature, whether human or animal, deserves cruelty of this nature. I sincerely hope that the SPCA or any person in authority to do with animals prosecutes this man who abused this poor dog and the human being (if you can call him) gets the sort of punishment or is prosecuted in a way that he deserves. Regards Denise Helmis of Bergbron, Roodepoort
From : Denise Helmis
There is an empty house close to me that had a rather large fire in the yard it took the fire department 15 min to get to the house and kill the fire. A huge thumbs up to the roodepoort fire department.
From : Marc
After buying a car from Imperial select Contantiakloof [Hyperama} I was wondering what happened to the service that Imperial promises people wanting to buy a vehicle. I bought a car from them 6 weeks ago and up to today still havent received my spare key and proof that this car has been serviced. They keep on making promises but does not deliver. It took them 4 weeks to have the mag rim fixed. After arranging with them to bring my car in on Monday at 8.00 for them to get my spare key I am still waiting for my car to be returned to me only to find out that it takes them 2 days to have a key cut for a car. I am fed-up with these people. If anyone was thinking of buying a car from them, I hope you are'nt in a hurry and don't mind being lied to.
From : Klarissa
Ai, die mensdom van ons, het darem so kleinlik geraak. As jy nie direk my kan vra om die takke te verwyder nie, dan is julle maar BAIE kleinlik. Ja die takke moet seker nie daar le nie, en ja julle kan ongelukkig raak, maar om iemand anders te vra om my te se ek moet plan maak met die goed, is vir my lagwekkend. Julle moet maar liewers nie weer my iets vra om te help kyk vir karre tydens vergaderings nie. Maar maar staat op julle kameras.
From : JJOOS
CAN THEY BE CALLED A SECURITY COMPANY THE INCIDENT On 21 January 2009, we had a burglary at our home in Florida. My son received a telephone call to advise that the alarm at home had been triggered (Florida area). My son rushed home from Fairlands where he works. The response time was half an hour. The thieves had done quite a bit of damage. They also managed to take some valuable items as well as having dropped some electrical equipment in the rain. We have since heard nothing from Top Security, no investigation whatsoever. We tried contacting your emergency number which just rings. A previous episode we had was when the panic button was pressed by my daughter who was alone at home and there were two guys at the gate trying to open the gate. Their response time was two hours. I had left the my office in Sandton after my daughter called me and reached home in half an hour. Today 2 February, my son once again receives a call at 11h50 to advising him that the alarm had been triggered. He rushes home from the doctor and waits until 12h25 after he had checked the property and no security company had arrived. On my son's return from the doctor, we received the attendance receipt which reflected time of call as 13h05. I spoke to one Lynn Williams who undertook to investigate the matter and send out emails but as at 14h00 nobody had contacted us and to this day nobody has bothered to speak to us.
From : Cynthia Mackenzie
My 16 jarige seun is van sy selfoon deur n jongman van ongeveer 20 jaar vol "gangster"tatoos in Westlake straat beroof met die mees vieslike taal oor sy ma met n mes beroof.Die 3e keer in 2 jaar in die selfde omgewing.Maar die skelm het nie rekening met my vrou gehou nie.Toe my seun by huis kom en vertel wat gebeur het is sy in haar motor en Florida ingejaag met my seun.Lang storie kort te maak hy is gevang by die Mothsaal met die hulp van n Indier man waarvoor ons innig dankbaar voor is baie dankie. Weet nie wat kon gebeur het met my vrou as die Samaritaan nie daar was nie.Die skelm is laat los want wat hy vir ons weldoener gese het weet ons nie net dat hy probleme het.Ek persoonlik dink as jy hoor wat hy my seun toegesnou met n mes in die hand dan is dit sekerlik n dwelm probleem.Wil weereens dankie se aan die Samaritaan.
From : andre g



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