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Uhambo can be divided up into two categories, as an exclusive online marketing business, in the business sector, and as an opportunity for an entertaining, fun and very helpful subject to the public. Uhambo’s main target is to open the channel between the public and the business sector. Making it interesting to the public via website, apps and GPS systems, and opening new opportunities for the business sector to be listed upon an exclusive route for the normal person to get to. In easier terms we will be doing marketing for businesses on a certain route to a holiday destination. The public will be able to see the different places on their route and what these places have to offer.

Future Interests
Uhambo will be releasing an Android friendly app which will ease the use of Uhambo’s website. It will be a direct replica of the website, only more consumer friendly. After the launch of the App, Uhambo will put every effort into making a GPS enhancement where all the businesses will be uploaded on the GPS systems.
For The Public
To the public it is all about how to live life and making the best of our precious time, while we have time to do so. When you go on a road trip or on holiday we will show you different places on your route to visit and what they have to offer. You will be informed on what direction you’ll be heading in, what type of entertainment your up against, views, parks, zoos, casinos, museums, heritage sites and many many more.
For Businesses
We give businesses a chance to promote their products and services on our website and social media sites. Uhambo will be a very clever opportunity to grasp upon. Uhambo is very affordable, new and clever. Let us help you become the next big thing.

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