Trailer, Caravan Tow Socket/Plug & Light Tester Kits 12/24 Volt

20 Boshoff Street, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort 1724
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12/24v Trucks, truck trailers, motorcars, trailers and caravans tow socket/ tow plug and light tester units.

Dear Reader,

Road safety requires working brake lights and turn signals to help keep other motorists aware of your intentions as you drive. These safety factors become even more important when you’re towing a caravan or trailer, since you are effectively increasing the “length” of your vehicle and decreasing its manoeuvrability.

Since the caravan or trailer is likely to block your vehicle’s brake lights and turn signals, trailer lights help ensure that safety isn’t compromised when you tow. So in order to be safe on the road one needs to make sure that the electrical wiring circuits from your vehicle and trailer or caravan works one hundred percent.

With our testers you can test the vehicle, caravan and trailer electrical circuits all by yourself. You don’t need to have someone helping you any-more. Our testers does all the hard work for you. Testing, repairing and solving problems has become much easier using our testers. No more spending hours to find and repair electrical faults.

Our testers are specifically designed to help motor mechanics, auto electricians, camping, trucking and trailer or caravan renting businesses. For the normal person owning trailers or caravan our testers will also work for you as it is really user friendly and it comes with a fully explained guide on how to use it.

Testers are absolute portable of its new size. Whether you at workshop or on site just keep the battery charged. Best of all is that your business will look and will be so much more professional!

Very Important Feature, you can even test the customers vehicles trailer tow socket/plug connections and lights on the spot if there is a dispute that the trailer or caravan wiring are wrongly connected.

Our testers test electrical tow male plug, tow female sockets (5pin and 7pin) and light circuits independently. High quality, very strong, durable and complete portable and repairable. No transistors or ICC’s used in secondary testing circuits.

Ideal For – Auto Electricians, Businesses Installing Tow Bars, Caravan Manufacturing Businesses Caravan Service & Repairs Centre’s, Fleet Businesses, Motor Agents, Motor Mechanics, Trailer Manufacturing Businesses, Trailer Service And Repair Centre’s, trucking Industry and Renting Businesses.

Very nice tool to have!!

Four testers to choose from – product of petertuneup find us on internet search as well.

Basic trailer/caravan tow plug and light tester 12/24v kit.
Professional trailer/caravan tow plug and light tester 12/24v kit with built-in battery and portable charger.
Remote control 4 channel trailer/caravan tow plug and light tester 12v kit with built-in batteries and portable charger.
Etcu – truck & motorcar socket tester 12/24v kit (vehicles fitted with electronic tow control units).

Prices starts from 870 Rand

Address 20 Boshoff Street, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort 1724
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Address 20 Boshoff Street, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort 1724