Life Skills 4 Kids

051 Burger Street, Krugersdorp
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Life Skills 4 Kids
What is Life Skills 4 Kids?
Your child is involved in learning activities designed to develop life skills. This workshop will help them to deal with life’s challenges in a way that will encourage positive responses and interactions with the world in which they live. Children will receive a Growth Book to use during the workshop, and tasks to complete at home – even after the workshop – ongoing referral to this Growth Book will support your child to grow and be functional in their world.
The Workshop empowers children to
 Discover and identify their feelings
 Cope with negative feelings and disappointment, frustration, resentment, anger etc.
 Limit unacceptable behaviour.
 Take responsibility for their actions and feelings
 Develop their own inner resources.
Self-Love and Self Esteem are the building blocks for the development of a child into emotionally healthy and secure adult.
Teachers! Would you like to make a difference become a Facilitator for these workshops?
Individual or group workshops for children and teens.
Contact Ina: 0789697400

Address 051 Burger Street, Krugersdorp
Cellphone 0789697400
Telephone 0789697400
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Address 051 Burger Street, Krugersdorp