e-Services City of Johannesburg

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Statements via email, report meter readings, regional services council

Questions you ask us most often
General Enquiries
  • What is eServices?
  • My water/power has been cut off. How do I get reconnected?
  • Where’s my nearest Customer Service Centre?
  • Grass has grown very high on a vacant stand in my street and is a potential hiding spot for criminals. Who can I call to have the grass cut?
  • What’s the difference between a street address and a stand number?
  • There are a large number of rats in my garden and I need to get rid of them. Who do I call?
  • My neighbours are too noisy. Who can I report this to?
  • How do I request a copy of my tenant’s statement?
  • There’s a vacant area close to my home that people use to dump rubbish. How can I report this?

Address Johannesburg, 2000
Telephone 011-375-5555