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City Power is committed to good corporate governance standards and complies in all material respects with the relevant principles of the King II code. Robust systems, policies and practices are in place to ensure that City Power conducts its business in line with global best practice

Questions you ask us most often
City Power
  • What do I do if my power goes off?
  • Can I receive my statement electronically?
  • My electricity bill was the same for months, and then it suddenly went up. Why would this happen?
  • How do I find out when my meter is due to be read?
  • There is a City Power vehicle which parks in the street near my house ? who can I contact to confirm its purpose?
  • Does City Power have a separate load shedding schedule from Eskom?

 Report street lights that are not working and EXPOSED ELECTRICAL WIRES VIA sms to 32694. City Power will repair all street lights within seven days of receiving your sms and THE WIRES WILL be repaired within 24 hours of receiving your sms. SMS COSTS R1. Follow City Power on Facebook & Twitter





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Cnr Hamberg Rd & Westlake Avenue, Florida Lake, Roodepoort, 1710